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DANCE-A-THON (1pm - 6pm)

Come a join the party! Dance to your favourite tracks and raise some money while doing it!

Come and join in for just an hour or for as long as you want!
No dance experience needed - just come and have fun!
Each hour has a different theme with non stop music.
Dance teachers will be leading a few join in dances during the hour.

Please note, the the main dance-a-thon takes place in the upstairs hall and does not have disabled access.
There will be accessible, inclusive sessions in the downstairs studio
Each hour session is 5 full / 3 concessions & under 14s.
Visit the booking page to book your sessions

Why not get someone to sponsor you or sponsor someone to take part?
Individuals - raise the following to take part (10 - 1 session, 20 - 2 sessions, 30 - 3 sessions or more
Groups of 4+ - raise the following to take part (40 - 1 session, 50 - 2 sessions, 60 - 3 sessions or more

Use the following link to sponsor someone (make sure you write their names in the comment section)

Can't make the event but still want to support?
Use thhe following link to make a donation

Why not get in the spirit of things and come in your best outfit?
Dress up in your favourite dance outfit or favourite dance character from the movies.

Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of the session to register.
Please bring plenty of water/refreshments/snacks. Water bottles may be filled in the downstairs kitchen.
Refreshments & snacks available in downstairs cafe

COME TOGETHER (7:00pm - 10:00pm)

Bringing you music and dance from around the world

Local dance groups and musicians will bring you a wonderul evneing of music from around the world.
This evening will include audience participation sessions.
10 full / 7.50 concessions & under 14s
Visit the booking page to book your tickets